Busting five of the most common fostering myths

In the run up to the next free information night on 5 September, five of the most common myths associated with foster care are being tackled by those who know fostering best.

With a growing need for potential foster carers to come forward to provide loving and stable homes for the city’s children in care, foster carers, social workers and politicians have come together to lift the lid on some of the most common misconceptions.

Over 600 carers are needed in the South West in 2016 especially those with the skills and experience to care for teenagers, sibling groups and children with disabilities

.Free information nights are held throughout the year by Bristol City Council in a bid to give those interested in fostering a taste of what it involves. They are also great opportunities for current foster carers to share their experiences of what it means to care for a vulnerable child or young person.

Mark Pennington-Field, a recently approved foster carer, is one of those lifting the lid on some of the myths around fostering.
Registering an interest in being a foster carer is the first step. Anyone wanting to know more can attend the free information events and sign up by speaking to the team or they can visit the Council website and fill in a contact form. Everyone who makes an application will have someone make contact with them within two working days. The truth behind five common myths about becoming a foster carer:  To find out more about fostering in Bristol or to attend a free information session follow us on Facebook or visit our website. The next information session will be held at 1 Smeaton Road, BS1 6XN from 6:30pm on Monday 5 September.



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