Government to outline climate change risks facing UK in new report

Experts say Theresa May, if she accepts view of report, would have to outline how government intends to protect the nation In a landmark report, the government is to outline the specific risks it believes Britain faces due to the impact of climate change. The report, to be delivered early in the new year, will be the first response made by Theresa May’s administration to a major environmental concern and will have considerable implications for future green policy outcomes. The UK climate change risk assessment, the first since 2012 , will spell out what the government believes are the major risks facing Britain as global warming continues to affect the planet. Earlier this year, the Committee on Climate Change , a body of experts set up under the Climate Change Act to advise government, said Britain was poorly prepared for global warming. Likely impacts include deadly heatwaves, flooding, and food and water shortages, it said. Continue reading...

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