'Women’s football needs to stand on its own' - readers on the FA's new plans

The FA want to double the number of girls and women taking part in football to nearly six million by 2020. But will the ambitious new strategy work? Last Monday the FA announced a new ‘Gameplan for Growth’ plan in an attempt to strengthen women’s football in the UK. Focus will be on developing talent and infrastructure, increasing the number and diversity of women’s coaches, referees and administrators and changing perceptions and social barriers to taking part. Enhancing the profile and value of the England team and improving the commercial prospects of women’s football has also been highlighted. While the new plans are welcomed my many, there is scepticism from some about whether there will be much benefit at the grassroots level of women’s football, where they say more support has been needed for some time. We asked readers involved in the sport to share their views about the FA proposals and tell us what more they feel needs to be done. Continue reading...

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