Swipe left: why dating shows have become irrelevant

The announcement of a new TV show based on a Snapchat dating concept is the latest nail in the coffin of a genre that doesn’t have a place in an online dating-focused world Today in hellish sentences I never thought I’d write, a Snapchat dating show is coming to television. Phone Swap, which currently gets 10 million viewers on Snapchat Discover, will run on select Fox stations later this year. The premise of Phone Swap is simple. Potential love interests decide whether or not to date each other based on the contents of their phones. Theoretically, it’s a potentially gripping premise. Will she love you if she discovers your Barry Manilow Spotify playlists? Will she love you if she opens your banking app and realises that you’re destitute? Will she love you after reading all the nightmarish murder-lists you’ve drawn up in the middle of the night on Notes? Continue reading...

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