Heathrow airport’s polluting new runway is a macho folly | Simon Jenkins

This go-ahead is the worst decision taken by a UK government in modern times The building of a third runway at Heathrow must be the worst decision taken by a British government in modern times. There is nothing in it but private profit for a Spanish company that appears to have the British cabinet in thrall. That a rich European city should expand rather than contract a major airport in a built-up area defies belief. For half a century successive governments have refused to contemplate such expansion, and put forward usable alternatives. In 2009, David Cameron swore to oppose a third runway, “no ifs, no buts”. He was explicitly supported by none other than Theresa May, Philip Hammond and Boris Johnson. What was at the time BAA plc – now Heathrow Airport Holdings – had accepted what seemed the inevitable, and was planning to shift much of its business to Stansted. It was stopped and ordered to sell Stansted by Gordon Brown . The third runway was Heathrow’s revenge. It has more lives than a cat. Continue reading...

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