Small print on travel insurance leaves holidaymaker with £30,000 bill

Axa pays just a third of the costs for customer diagnosed with kidney tumour on holiday During a holiday in Cape Verde in January, Juliet Taylor was diagnosed with a kidney tumour and airlifted to Tenerife for surgery and two blood transfusions. While she was in intensive care, her travel insurance provider, Axa, told her it would only fund a third of her care costs. She was liable for the remaining £30,500 because she had failed to declare a single prescription of sleeping tablets when she bought the policy from the broker, Coverwise. “It never occurred to me to mention occasional bouts of insomnia,” says Taylor, who spent over a month in hospital. “I bought a policy that promised to cover me for ‘unforeseen accidents and illnesses’ while abroad and the tumour was totally unforeseen. Continue reading...

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