Trump-Kim summit: North Korean leader 'de-nuking the whole place', president says – live

Donald Trump offers Kim Jong-un security guarantees in document signed by the two leaders Singapore summit: Kim Jong-un says ‘world will see major change’ What have Trump and Kim signed? We read between the lines 3.44pm BST Minority leader Chuck Schumer is on the floor of the Senate talking about the Singapore summit. “We must be clear-eyed on what a diplomatic success with North Korea looks like,” he says. That would be “complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization” of the Korean peninsula, he says. 3.33pm BST Here’s a quickie selection of reactions in the United States to the Trump-Kim summit: The whole design of this is offensive. The President pees in the punch bowl of the G7, insists the Russians come back into the organization, then flies off to Singapore to make kissy face with a man who routinely murders his own people. Had Barack Obama done that, Republicans would be demanding his impeachment. . @POTUS deserves credit for agreeing to #NKSummit &deserves shame for throwing a hissy fit w/our closest allies & using such degrading language. This must be more than a photo op w/Kim. We demand rigorous verification of denuclearization w/24 hour monitoring & no boundaries. I just watched a completely clueless President proclaim a special bond with one of the most ruthless murderers in the world, whom he thinks is “a talented man” who “loves his country.” If I cringed any harder my spine would snap. President Trump today agreed to suspend US military exercises with South Korea during negotiations with the North and to provide Pyongyang with unspecified security guarantees in exchange for an equally vague commitment to denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. He and Kim Jong-un also got their photo op, which featured a stunning array of American and Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea flags. The quid pro quo is clear: the US will be guaranteeing the permanence of one of the most brutal dictatorships on earth and reducing its commitment to its South Korean allies in exchange for some still-to-be-determined constraints on North Korean missile and nuclear weapons capabilities. The joint statement contains no reference at all to human rights issues or North Korean abductions, though it does refer to repatriation of the remains of prisoners of war and those missing in action from the Korean War. All you need to know about this deal is what the Republicans would be saying if President Obama had negotiated it. You gotta give up something to get nothing. The new Art of the Deal. Waking up this morning, it sure seems like Trump got hosed. Anyone see differently? Jesus f**king Christ. Continue reading...

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